BionicEar PSA8000 Personal Sound Amplifier

BionicEar PSA8000 Personal Sound Amplifier

“This is an excellent product. I have trouble hearing in certain circumstances and this device makes it possible for me to hear comfortably. I highly recommend this product.”

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The BionicEar personal sound amplifier is an electronic listening device designed to listen up to 35dB/5kHz audible sound waves, most suitable for listening to soft and weak sounds in the distance, able to amplify sounds and voices surrounding you. The BionicEar personal sound amplifier is a superb device ideal for church services, conventions and leisure activities such as bird watching in nature walks, and more.The device is stylish, weighed only 3.0 oz in a compact plastic case of 2.75″ x 1.25″ x 0.5″ with a built-in belt clip to fit on buckle, into pocket or purse. It comes with a pair of hearing bud (micro headset) to deliver amplified sounds into your ears, battery operated by a 1.5V AAA battery (sold separately). The BionicEar personal sound amplifier with its independently continuous adjustable sound controller helps regulating audio input signals to the volume of your desired level, makes hearing better with less efforts for your day-to-day activities. Color of the device casing may vary from advertised.

Product Features

  • Hear loud and clear, never miss a word in conversations
  • Be able to identify your own voice not to annoying the others by speak too loud
  • Listening to the sound of your desired level without disturbing others
  • Small and lightweight you can carry it around anywhere you go
  • No more frustration because not able to hear right