Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid (Set of 2)

“This product is possibly the best bang for the buck I have ever encountered. After sending back two different aids costing $3500 or more each, I tried this one because of all the positive comments. The comments do not do it justice. The aids arrived in 3 days, took less than 5 minutes to assemble, and provide a quality I would never have expected.”


Have you ever wondered why hearing aids cost so much? The Acoustitone PRO hearing aid was designed by an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor to help the millions of people with hearing loss that cannot afford traditional hearing aids. He tested numerous hearing aids and sound amplifiers below $200, and none were found to adequately amplify the frequencies associated with the human voice (1000-4000Hz). He then created the Acoustitone PRO, MDHearingAid’s Flagship Model. Built to exact specifications, using world class components, the Acoustitone Pro provides sound quality comparable to hearing aids costing hundreds of dollars more. This has been confirmed through independent testing by physicians that are nationally recognized authorities in hearing loss.

The Acoustitone PRO is Doctor and Audiologist recommended. The Acoustitone PRO has become our BEST SELLING MODEL, and the #1 rated Hearing Aid on

With our Risk-Free 45-day trial and money back guarantee, your satisfaction is guaranteed with MDHearingAid (see our policies for full details). So buy with confidence.

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Product Features

  • Item Package Quantity: 2
  • This New Year, resolve to reconnect. The MDHearingAid’s PRO can help you reconnect with your spouse, interact with your grandchildren, and get out there and enjoy all that life has to offer!
  • Doctor-designed PROFESSIONAL hearing aid model. With up to 45db of gain, the MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO is the best choice for those with Mild, Moderate, or Moderately-Severe hearing loss. Audiologist-tested and Doctor-recommended, the MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO compares favorably to hearing aids costing $600 or more.
  • Modern appearance, fits discreetly behind the ear (either right or left), and is almost invisible when worn. Comes with various sizes of sized clear ear domes/tips designed to accommodate most adult ears. Uses size 13 batteries readily available in most drug stores.
  • 2-Channel tone control toggle switch to decrease background noise and customize to a predominantly flat or high-frequency hearing loss. Provides amplification of the critical frequencies of the human voice, without overly amplifying background sounds, resulting in a crisp, clear sound
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING! when you order a 2nd ACOUSTITONE PRO hearing aid for $149.99. Make sure you choose Package Quantity 2 above next to the main picture.