Sonic Earz Personal Sound Amplifier

Sonic Earz Personal Sound Amplifier

“Non-directional microphone tends to amplify closest and loudest sounds. This is a decent amplifier for watching TV in a somewhat quiet room. Voices are lost to background noises in restaurant’s and businesses. In the living room EARZ do help hear conversation.”

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Tired of hearing yourself say “What?” during a conversation, but not much else? This Bell & Howell Sonic Earz is designed to pick up and amplify sound up to 60 feet away. It utilizes a scientifically designed sound reflector and a sensitive microphone arranged to focus the ambient sounds onto the microphone. Discreet and compact, it measures 2 3/4 x 1 3/4″ and weighs just 2 ozs. Matte metallic finish with on / off button, power on indicator light and volume control. Clips to your pocket or belt. Comfortable headset. Uses 1 AA battery (not included).

Product Features

  • The compact, lightweight unit slips into a pocket or clips onto your belt.
  • Headphones included. Uses 1 “AAA” battery (not included).
  • Watch TV without having to turn the sound up high, possibly disturbing others in your home.
  • Hear movies, concerts and lectures as though youre sitting in the front, even if you’re actually in the back. Hear a speaker clearly, even in a crowded room.
  • Sonic Earz picks up sound from as far as 60 feet away and amplifies it, sharply and crisply, so you don’t miss a word.