Angel Sales PSA 8000 Personal Sound Amplifier

Angel Sales PSA 8000 Personal Sound Amplifier

“This is a handy little item for people who have trouble hearing other people in small groups. I put it on the table in front of me at a recent meeting of about 7 people who were sitting in a circle. I could hear everyone, even the ‘whisperers’. The sound is a little hollow, like being in a large, empty room, but for my purpose it did just fine. “

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Hear sounds you haven’t heard in years. The PSA 8000 amplifies voices, movies, television, sports events, concerts and much more! You won’t miss a beat while wearing this sound magnifier. Clip super sound amplifier onto your shirt or belt buckle, place ear buds comfortably in your ears, select amplification level and start enjoying the sounds of life again. Take the PSA 8000 with you wherever you go. This pocket size amplifier is discreet and convenient. Looks like your favorite small radio! Enjoy going to movies and theaters more than ever before. Don¿t miss another ‘Strike 3’ or the final play-by-play. The PSA 8000 lets you hear it all.

Product Features

  • Personal sound amplifier clips to your shirt pocket
  • Multiple amplification levels magnifies sounds up to 50%
  • Has two ear buds for quality sound
  • Discreet – looks like a mini radio!
  • Convenient clip for your shirt or pants